Tuesday, May 06, 2008

san francisco sunset

i think that's all for now from our trip to san fran. tomorrow i'll start posting pasadena pictures once again.

this raises an interesting debate. if you are a member of the city daily photo community, do you ever feel like you can post pictures that aren't from your home city? i must not have too much of an issue with the practice since over the past several months i have posted pictures from san fran, sonoma, san diego, washington dc, central pennsylvania, and toronto...


Petrea said...

I think it's a personal choice. You're not the only one who does it. It's your blog, you get to decide.

I think there are some guidelines posted on the CDP portal, but I wonder how many members follow them to the letter?

Nice job on the SF photos.

Ben Wideman said...

Thanks for the insight Petrea!