Friday, May 30, 2008

cocktails at the 35er

never been, but we often walk by this bar along colorado. this photo was taken in the alley behind the bar and seems to advertise that they will make you a cocktail if you are so inclined. i don't think this place would stand out to me if not for two things - an excessive amount of neon beer signs in the front, and shortly after arriving in pasadena someone asked me for directions to the 35er while i was riding on the metro gold line.

any pasadenians out there want to give a review of this establishment? from the outside it seems to be kind of a dive bar that is trying to come off as part night club, part sports bar. interesting.

this weekend we are heading out of town to visit sequoia national park - the next few days are on autopilot, so try and behave while i'm gone.

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