Monday, May 19, 2008

thai me up and leave me here

saladang is one of the many thai restaurants we are fortunate to have here in pasadena. it is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to go to dinner. not only is the food award winning and reasonably priced, it is also delicious! our table ordered - starting at the top - spinach curry, prik king, bell peppers with beef, sizzling beef skillet, ginger curry. i'm starting to be convinced that you could order anything on the menu and not be disappointed.

and we're finally getting over the loss of taste of thai - our favorite restaurant back in virginia.


Palm Axis said...

I hope this link works. It's some additional information. I feel compelled to do so because my neighbor is part of the architectural firm who designed Saladang.

Ben Wideman said...

very cool! Thanks for sharing.