Monday, April 12, 2010

the park that launched 1000 posts

several days ago i wrote this post in which i joked about taking a picture of all of pasadena's mosaic park signs. apparently quite a few years ago, the city decided it would be a great idea to get groups to help paint tiles to form a double-sided mosaic art piece for each of the city parks.

as it turns out, several of my loyal readers were very supportive of this crazy idea. so i set out to photograph.

i discovered that there are 20 of these mosaic park signs around town - each one completely unique, acting as public art, and a monument to each city park. and so, what follows on this blog is 20 days of photographs from these 20 parks - featuring of course, their beautiful mosaic signs - front and back.

this will either be the greatest idea, or one of the most boring. i'll let you be the judge. sit back and enjoy!

kicking things off is the park that got this whole thing going. from the city website:

"Brookside park is located at 360 North Arroyo Boulevard. Hours of operation are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The size of the park is 61.1 acres. Pasadena’s largest fully maintained park facility located just south of the Rose Bowl Stadium. Extensive parking facilities are available off Arroyo Boulevard. The north section of the park contains one lighted regulation baseball diamond with seating for 4,200 and restrooms. The central section includes two lighted softball diamonds each with 240 seating capacity; a large, lighted multi-purpose field for flag football and soccer; a speaker’s platform with permanent seating; numerous picnic tables; play area; restrooms; and drinking fountains. Barbecue pits are available in most picnic areas."


pasadenapio said...

Great, Ben! I may become your biggest fan on this adventure. Here's a little Brookside Park history that's right up your alley.

ben wideman said...

Thanks PIO!

You might be alone in your love for this project... no other comments yet today.

It could be a looooong 20 days for my regular readers.

PulledPorker said...

I'm just still trying to figure out what the top secret project is. I feel like it's right there but I just can't grasp it.

Seriously, though, I look forward to seeing all of them. I drove by two parks today (McDonald and Central) and, seeing the signs, the first thing I thought was 'gonna see this on Ben's blog soon.'

Kat said...

I've always wondered about those signs. Yay for your project!

ben wideman said...

glad you're all on board!

Petrea said...

Oh Ben, this is wonderful! I'm late at the start but I won't miss another one. These are great.