Monday, April 19, 2010

san rafael park

this park is so far west, it's almost in eagle rock. a small playground, and a giant grassy field that would be perfect for a game of ultimate frisbee. oh yeah, and it also has a lovely mosaic park sign.

from the city website:

"San Rafael Park is located at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Melrose Avenue. Hours of operation are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The size of the park is 0.90 acres. Small neighborhood park with facilities consisting of benches; grass area; playground equipment; picnic facilities; and drinking fountain."

previous pasadena parks...

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2. singer park
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4. grant park
5. victory park
6. jefferson park
7. allendale park


Cafe Observer said...

Before you leave Pasadena BW, God forbid!, you need to write a book on these park tombstones.

Petrea said...

Ben these are all so wonderful! I never knew we had so many great parks. I love the signs and your project of chronicling them is fantastic.

ben wideman said...

Thanks you two! I'm really glad people like them because they certainly do take up quite a bit of time to profile them all!