Thursday, May 13, 2010

down in the depths

yesterday i said that i was done with pictures from our city hall tour, but i couldn't resist showing you one more. this image was taken on our ride down into the city hall basement. this old otis elevator is beautiful - carved wood, intricate ironwork - and of course that meant an excited group of camera-ready bloggers.

by the way... did you know city hall has a basement? or that it stretches beneath the entire inner courtyard?? i did not, but now i do!


Tash said...

Love the's those kinds of details that make a great building. I like the motion and the people you captured too.

Tash said...

PS - have really enjoyed your tour. Terrific the one of the clock. Thx for the links to other bloggers, it's fun to see places from different viewpoints.

ben wideman said...

We had fun. Maybe next time you can make the long journey up from your neck of the woods.

pasadenapio said...

When I first came to work at Pasadena City Hall in 1991, the elevators were hand-operated.

Sadly, the elevator operators became victims of budget cuts, the elevators were hooked up to electrical power, and the buttons were added for each floor.