Sunday, May 16, 2010

nibble bit tabby brewery

yesterday was a landmark day for los angeles craft beer culture, as nibble bit tabby brewery officially opened for business. i went down for the ribbon cutting event and was happy to find a small crowd ready to welcome them in to their new home. the brewery is located in an industrial part of down town los angeles, and are hoping to be part of the rejuvenation of that fascinating neighborhood.

aside from being an interesting name for a brewery, nibble bit tabby specializes in brewing traditional ales in small batches. their first (and currently only) offering is an irish red ale, and it is perfectly executed. they manage to fit a decent sized brewhouse into a tiny little space. i can't wait to see what they brew next.

the above photo shows head brewer brian lethcoe (on the left) chatting it up with some of the crowd who had gathered to celebrate the opening. it has taken a long time, but brian is finally living out the dream of owning his own brewery.

i was pleasantly surprised to meet the owners of the soon to be opened, ohana brewing company who were on hand for the occasion. after eagle rock brewery, and nibble bit tabby, they will soon become only the third brewery operating within los angeles city limits. you can read an excellent article about their new venture, right here.

glad to meet you guys, and good luck on your future endeavors!


Cafe Observer said...

These kind of posts from you are gonna drive me to drinking!

ben wideman said...

Just be sure to drink for the taste, the experience, and the social aspect - not to get as drunk as possible. Stay safe out there!