Saturday, May 15, 2010

mcc relief sale in upland

i grew up going to mennonite relief sales. in fact, i was born on the day of our local sale. "what is a mennonite relief sale?", you might ask. well, these events take place across the country in regions that have a sizable population of mennonites. they are organized to raise money for mennonite central committee - the global mission and relief agency of the mennonite church.

i've been to these events in southern ontario, virginia, northern indiana, and yesterday for the first time, southern california. certainly southern california is not a place most people think of when they hear mennonites, but we exist. and apparently, we also have relief sales. the one in southern california is a little smaller than the ones i grew up going to, but it still has all the essentials - a quilt and antique auction, fantastic home cooked food, and wonderful baked goods. the benefit of this particular sale is that the international migrant community adds a wonderful culinary touch to the festivities.

for those who might want to check out this wonderful event, it continues today. you can find more details at the event website - right here.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Imagine if all the churches were eliminated, as some wood pray it bee. And with it all their good works such as this relief event & numerous other charitable works.

Good work, BW!

ben wideman said...

There certainly is reason to love and hate organized religion. I totally hear where you are coming from.

Gina said...

That sounds very cool and very non-LA. Too bad I missed it. Next year!

ben wideman said...

Very true, and it is very non-LA.