Saturday, May 29, 2010

pasadena sandwich company

it wasn't long after our arrival in pasadena that i heard about an obscure sandwich shop with random hours and giant sandwiches. every once in a while i would hear about it again (as in this recent review of la's best sandwiches), but never made an attempt to go.

meredith and i finally checked out pasadena sandwich company. as you can see from the wall menu, our choices were somewhat overwhelming. but i had heard that the best value was to go with the option "trust the cook" - a sandwich that is different every time you order it, depending on how the chef is feeling.

as you can see from the image at the top of this post, my sandwich was MASSIVE (today's trust the cook included pastrami, corned beef, turkey, mozzarella, cheddar, onion, tomato, lettuce, maybe some cabbage?, mustard, mayo, and both wheat and white bread). but unlike some food that is big for big's sake, and lacks flavor, this was a tasty treat.

meredith got the turkey supreme sandwich and was also quite pleased both with the size and the flavor. we tried the pasta salad which was also delicious - although totally unnecessary because of the size of our sandwiches. it is a very rare occasion where i go somewhere and am filled with just the sandwich without any sides.

one more time i wonder why we didn't get here sooner. however the more we travel through pasadena's culinary options, we realize just how limitless they are. you could eat out at a different place all year long, and never have to go back to the same place twice.

as usual, all of today's photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.


®osadimaggio63 said...

Wow la foto n. 1 è veramente meravigliosa per i nostri occhi e per la nostra bocca !!!
Happy day :-)))

PulledPorker said...

I have known about this place for years and, embarassingly, have never gone. (Their hours aren't very convenient for my schedule, and we are more likely to go out for lunch in Pasadena on Sundays, when PSC is closed.)

I was already planning to go soon, though, and this seals the deal. Well done, Ben.

ben wideman said...

I think that was our problem as well. Timing never seemed to work when you only have a four hour window to get there.

But I think its worth the attempt. Their prices are a little high, but as we thought about it, they are probably pretty standard for Pasadena.

Cafe Observer said...

Here's another who has known about this joint for years but never could find the time 2 go in.

If the prices are high, at least your getting 2 snadwiches in one.

I gotta make this a NYrs resolution for 2010!

ben wideman said...

of course i expect a blog post from both of you

Natalie said...

Yummers. That sandwich looks awesome. Great pic.