Thursday, May 27, 2010

meet my friend matt

during the past two summers i've taken bike trips on the east coast with some friends from college. my friend matt has always been at the center of these trips. his love of cycling is certainly a big reason that i have grown to love riding my bike as much as i have. his photography is certainly part of the reason that started this blog.

well it turns out that matt just found out he has leukemia. needless to say, he and his family were stunned.

matt, our thoughts and prayers are with you. may you have a speedy recovery! if you'd like to follow matt's journey to recovery, you can check out the website that his family set up, right here.


Dirk said...

Hey Ben--I hope Matt has a speedy and full recovery. He looks like a nice guy (it seems like most bike-riding lovers are).

Plus my brother's name is Matt, appropos of nothing.

ben wideman said...

Thanks Dirk. I appreciate your warm regards and will pass them on.

Petrea said...

That's tough news to receive, Ben. My best wishes to Matt. I know he's your dear friend and I'll send him my good vibes.

ben wideman said...

Thanks P! That's all we can ask for!