Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back from the bike trip

i'm back in pasadena now after a week of riding from pittsburgh to dc via bike paths and campgrounds. i'm exhausted but i also had a fantastic time.

for those looking to waste a few minutes, i've posted the rest of the photos from the trip online.


Kim said...

Yay Ben! Love these shots of you in action. I've got to admire a guy that will ride in that kind of humidity. It looks like you all had a great ride and saw some very beautiful country as you traveled. I think bike touring is the best because it slows you down enough to really see, lets you know you are making the motion happen, is great for your body, mind and spirit, and gets you around to more areas than walking could in a limited amount of time.
I imagine you will be gearing up for fall classes. A dear friend of mine whose teaching has had a profound impact on my life just went on staff there this summer. I don't know if you will have any courses with him, but he's amazing if you do: Mark Labberton.

Cafe Pasadena said...

If I'm gonna waste minutes it's gonna be on food...hopefully w/o also wasting money.

Welcome back home BW! Did the wife tag along? After all that bicycling you must be dying for a beer.

ben wideman said...

Kim, thanks for the lovely note! I'll keep my eyes open for Mark Labberton.

Cafe, I got to a beer tasting dinner in DC after the trip, so I'm good at this point.