Thursday, March 18, 2010

heading north of the boarder

i'm heading out of town to visit my family in ontario, canada. spring break for fuller students means i've got a bit of time off - perfect because my parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and i get a chance to spend some time with them. sadly, meredith will not be joining me this time.

i'll be back in pasadena before long, but in the meantime i've got some excellent photos lined up to share with you.

see you soon.

UPDATE: see you sooner than later! due to some pre-term labor issues, i've decided to postpone the trip and stay here with my wife. she is doing fine, but we think it is best if I stay put. your prayers and thoughts are appreciated.


Hilda said...

Enjoy your time with your parents! And please greet them a happy anniversary from all of us!

I have no idea what the tower and stadium are, but your photo is fantastic.

ben wideman said...

Toronto's Rogers Centre and CN Tower of course!

But in fact, due to some health issues, I have decided to stay with my wife.

Kat said...

Thinking of you and your wife. Dropped by here today to say "thanks" for posting about Perdue's -- was just in that area today and made a note of where it is so I can bring my husband to try it out.

Sorry to hear about something slightly nerve-wracking about your wife; thoughts going out to you for hopes that all is well. :)

ben wideman said...

She's doing fine. Just needs to take it easy for the next few weeks.

Thanks for asking!