Monday, March 15, 2010

perdue's bbq & catering


i'm not sure why it has taken me so long to get to this place. friends have told me i would enjoy it. bloggers have told me they make excellent southern barbecue. heck, even their yelp reviews are solid. and the worst part, i live less than half a block away.

after recently discovering a pasadena blogger who appears to be a kindred spirit, (sharing a love of baseball and barbecue) and reading his review of perdue's, i knew i had to take the plunge.

i knew right away i was in for a treat. i had called in my order, so the woman working there called me by name when i walked in the door - wow. I turned to my left and saw a baseball glove hanging on the wall next to some negro baseball league paraphernalia. i was hooked and i hadn't even tasted the food!

well, the food was wonderful. the ribs were moist and delicious, and the spicy sauce was actually spicy. i chose the baked beans and mac and cheese as my side dishes, and both were spot on. the cornbread muffins were a little dry, but dipped in some stray barbeque sauce made them go down easy too. this place took me back to our time in virginia eating meals at wonderful places like bbq ranch, the smokin' pig, or fat boys pork palace.

a little slice of heaven in my own backyard.


Cafe Observer said...

Less thany 1/2 block away?? And never been!

Wow. Bw, I recommend you get out to do all your partying & eating NOW, before you become a Dad and have to stay home to babysit.

The Pulled Porker know his BBQ. Btw, he happens to be a Pull hitter.

Petrea Burchard said...

Wow, Ben, I've never even noticed this place--and I've been jonesin' for barbecue! Thank you!

Is it in that metal building on the corner? It's gotta be. From your photo it looks new.

ben wideman said...

Ya it is. Hit it up!

Petrea Burchard said...

I can't thank you enough! J and I stopped by there tonight and got our food to go. They were closing or we'd have stayed. What nice people! And the food is GREAT. I've eaten at the new barbecue place on Lake and, as nice as the staff is, the food is nothing compared to Perdue's. I'll be going back to Perdue's again and again.

John Sandel said...

(burp) I'm stuffed …

ben wideman said...

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!