Thursday, April 24, 2008

el portal

with authentic mexican flare. not a bad place to eat (if only I hadn't accidentally knocked the bowl of chips out of the waiters hand).


Petrea said...

How was it? I've heard it's nice, but I've never been there. (As I said, I'm a bad person. I shouldn't have included you in that description, but you haven't been to the Pacific Asia museum either.)

Ben Wideman said...

It's pretty good but by no means is it the best we've had. I think our fav. Mexican place so far is El Cholo Cafe.

Oh, and we went to the PAM today on their free day! So I'm no longer a bad person :)

Petrea said...

Is El Cholo the one with the sweet corn tamales? Mmmm.

I missed free day! I didn't know about it, which makes me particularly bad. I hope you got some pic--let me rephrase that, I know you got pictures. I hope you let us see them.