Friday, April 25, 2008

one of 31,000+ mcdonald's in the world

i try not to be an advocate for national chains, but this neon draped mcdonald's on colorado is too perfect for a friday neon post to pass up. i think pasadena has two of these global giant franchises which isn't too bad for a city this size - especially considering there are at least 9 starbucks in town.


Petrea said...

9 Starbucks? Really? Wow. Have you seen the book, "Hometown Pasadena"? If not, when's your birthday? I know what to get you. It lists 10 coffee shops that aren't Starbucks. And I'm sure there are plenty more.

docker said...

I've always wondered what point in the continental United States is located farthest from any McDonalds. And how far away that would be - 10 miles? 20? 50? Somewhere in Montana maybe.

I've also wondered how you'd research this information.

Starbucks doesn't have as many total stores as McD's - and they cluster them. We live in such a cluster here in Pasadena.

(And today's good news - S'bucks is backing out of the music business.)


Ben Wideman said...

September 19th. I gotta check that book out! Tons of ideas for the photoblog I'm sure.

Just found this map --

Montana was a good guess! Check out that I-95 corridor along the north east... saturation!

docker said...

Thanks Ben. Obviously I just needed to know WHO to ask.

Hard to tell where the least McDonald's saturated place in the country might be from such a small map. Besides Montana, I think NW South Dakota and SE Oregon might be good candidates.

And the farthest-to-McD's distance (in any direction) might be around 100 miles or so.

Thanks again