Sunday, April 13, 2008

montrose and beyond

the things you see when traveling by bicycle are often quite majestic. although i'd never say that about the 210, it looks that way from above.


Palm Axis said...

I do know where this is. I always approach this area from La Canada. La Neigra trail (my guess) offers a beautiful view of some mid century hillside houses. If only developers would consider building in such a non obtrusive style when they take over hillsides. Oh yes, and go green!

Anonymous said...

"In my little town, I grew up believing God keeps his eye on us all... he used to lean upon me as I pledged allegiance to the wall."

I grew up here... my elementary school, jr. high & high schools are down there in that valley. The firebreaks on those hills are the trails where I trained for cross country races: we were league champs. My first jobs were all in this community: the country club where I worked clearing tables, the houses I painted, the swimming pools I cleaned. My first wife and I lived in a little bungalow over there in the haze. I moved away in the mid seventies - I live in the hills outside Seattle now. Thanks for this moment of nostalgia. You can never go "home" again.