Tuesday, April 08, 2008

pasadena playhouse

seems like any blog about pasadena needs to have this iconic building pictured at least once. we have yet to go to a performance here, but i'm sure we will someday.


Elizabeth said...


There's a second set of plays (besides the big ones with the famous actors) that run at the Playhouse. The Furious Theatre Company (http://www.furioustheatre.org/) puts on some really high-quality-but-small productions in a small theatre in the upstairs north wing. The three that I've seen were really excellent. Ticket prices are also smaller, which is always nice. ;-)

Nice blog!

Ben Wideman said...

thanks for the tip!

Petrea said...

I like the photo, Ben.

Ditto, Elizabeth. Anything you see here will be top notch. The place is world-class.