Wednesday, April 23, 2008

pasadena british motors

touting themselves as the nations largest classic mini dealer, this place always makes me turn my head when driving along walnut st.


babooshka said...

The mini. Always makes me think of the Italian job, and British 60's cool. Love the use of B&W.

I'm originally from the area that used to make these, so, yes nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

I do not know where else you can go and have a choice of Classic Mini's I have seen at any given time 30+ Minis lined up for sale , right here in LA .The crazy thing is one month there is 30 or more and the next month just a handful .
so that tells me he is outselling the demand , when I visted ( during a time when they had only a handful of Minis but a shipment is on it way and out of the 7 incoming only 3 where avilible I guess poeple had put deposits on the incoming MInis already , I was also told that not to worry but another load of 7 will be in a few days after the shipment that had presold Minis on it. I asked how was business and the owner informed me that they cannot keep up with the demand he informed me that between himself and his partner they have sold over 260 Classic Minis. Everytime I drive by Walnut I always slow down and look I do not know where else you can see so many Classic Minis in one place unless its a car show for Minis Only plus they have classic Triumph , MG , Austin Healeys and Minis from wagons to pick up trucks , I think its a great place to enjoy all the cars , the owner is very nice and even if your not buying a Classic he will spend the time sharing the history of the difrent models I think it would be a big challenge to find another collection of classic british cars , I know of no other place that has Minis for sale than Pasadena British Motors , however there are times where only a handful are avilible to view , but if you are local and keep a eye on the shop you will see rows of them every now and then . I think the shop should be appreciated , compared to the same old auto repairshops and body shops that line the street , Cheers

ben wideman said...

Agreed! And right here in Pasadena.