Sunday, October 05, 2008

how sweep it is!

the dodgers won their third straight game last night, eliminating the chicago cubs from the postseason (their 100th straight season without winning the world series). i was privileged enough to be in attendance, although as you can see from this image, my seats were pretty high up. it was one of the most amazing games i've ever witnessed live. the atmosphere was electric and the fans were hanging on every pitch, twirling their giveaway white dodger towels at every chance. final score - dodgers 3, cubs 1.

gotta say thanks to my friend evan for joining me in the experience.


Mister Earl said...

Cool, Ben! Playoff games are exciting. I feel sorry for Cubs fans, though. They are so loyal and they turn out in every city.

Mister Earl said...

Ben: Have you read much by W.P. Kinsella? Great writer about baseball, and Canadian, to boot! His book, Shoeless Joe, became the movie Field of Dreams. He's written some great short stories and other novels about baseball as well.

Laurie said...

I must say, I know I've been a Los Angeles resident for 20 years but I'm still a Cubs fan. Sigh.

I second Mister earl's rec for Kinsella. The short stories are my favorite.

Mister Earl said...

A Cubs fan, well read, a great photographer, a chronicler of South Pasadena - Laurie, you're awesome!

I'm a Giants fan myself. I'm from the Bay Area. Mays, McCovey, Marichal, Cepeda... and no World Championships in the 50 years since they arrived in SF.

From de Cafe said...

bw, i'm glad those tix were 4 saturday!!

I noticed however it was funny 2 c de fans celebrating as if we just won the NL pennant or World Series.

Nevertheless, L.A. fans tend be classified as less supportive/enthusisatic of their teams. Of being early to leave for the parking lot.

Part of that problem originates, I believe, bcuz our area (especially Pasadena) draws soooo many residents who come from distant lands. So, often they hold on to their old teams from the old land. Or, they have divided loyalties: "I'm for LA unless they are playing my..."

It's like your 1st love 4 just about anything puts a stangle-hold on anything you experience after.

The result is the appearance of LA fans not being as enthusiastically supportive of our LA teams as the fans of other cities.

That's unfortunate. But,...
More pix!!

ben wideman said...

Mr. E, it's true. They are a hard luck franchise. I know what that's like growing up cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs. But that drought is only since '67. The only Kinsella book I've read is Shoeless Joe. I should try and track down some of the short stories! Giants fan, eh? Interesting...

Laurie, your transition to the city is made more difficult because you follow an NL team. For me I can simply say that the Dodgers are my team as long as they don't end up facing the Blue Jays - which happens very very rarely. Cub's fans are a special breed.

Cafe, you took the words out of my mouth! I'm a Jays fan first and foremost. Actually, I attribute the fans leaving to the horrible parking situation in Chavez Ravine. Why a metro station has never been added seems ridiculous. As for the incredible celebration last night, it has been 20 years since LA won a playoff series! They have reason to celebrate.

From de Cafe said...

bw, fans of all local teams have been mocked 4 years 4 leaving early - it's not just unique to Dodger stadium.

I agree we should celebrate after a 20yr wait. It may just be me, but I thought we were overdoing it. And afterall, we only beat da cubs - automatic losers since almost back into de 19th century!

Mister Earl said...

Wanna relive your childhood? Check out A compilation of major league box scores from long ago.

Here is the first major league game I ever attended...May 10, 1958
Giants 3 Dodgers 2

Here's the first game of a double-header I attended in Cleveland August 20, 1961. Mantle and Maris both homered for the Yankees..

gogouci said...

I wish the Angels were doing as well.

ben wideman said...

Mr. E, thanks for the tip! I'd seen that site before, but had forgotten about it. I just tracked down a game I'd been at in 2002 where I caught a foul ball. I wish I knew the date of my first game. I'm sure I've got the ticket stub buried at my parents home somewhere.

Gogouci, the painful part of the playoffs is that the regular season means nothing. The team with the best record from both leagues will both fall victim to the sweep.