Saturday, October 25, 2008

spoils of the summer

multicolored heirloom tomatoes along side the tomato classic. image from the saturday farmers market at pasadena high school.


Boise Diva said...

I would love to be able to eat one of those heirlooms like an apple. Is there a Cherokee purple in there? Mmmm, you eat one of those and you see why a tomato is really a fruit.

Laurie said...

I'm with BOise Diva -- I want to eat one of those like an apple, too. Little bit of salt ... YUM!

Great shot, Ben.

Cafe Observer said...

If i was more of a mornin persun, i'd get down 2 de Pasadena HS farmers mkt more often. I'm always passing PHS - just not on Sat morns!

I'm a regular only from Nov - Jan, 4 sum unknown reason. My fav is de SproutLady.

Baruch said...

Very colourful pic. Our tomatoes in NZ were just over NZ$7.00 p/kg a few weeks ago due to bad weather. Prices have dropped now to the region of NZ$5.00 p/kg - depending on where you buy - which is still pretty dear

Tim and Deb said...

gotta say I'm a little disappointed Ben. While the tomatoes are BEAUTIFUL - I was hoping to see some Salsa.

ben wideman said...

Eat 'em like an apple. Very interesting!

NZ is having a tomato shortage? The things you learn from sharing photos!

Tim, I'm sorry sir. The farmers market didn't have any fresh salsa that day (just kidding, I know you want to see my new bike. I'll post some pictures soon!)