Saturday, October 11, 2008


what if we just pretend that today is friday, and i didn't forget about my weekly theme yesterday. okay? a no-brainer post, i can't believe this fine establishment hasn't been featured on this blog to date. i'll post a picture of what i ate in an upcoming feature.

i like how the moon snuck into this picture.

for those wanting a full review of art night, i plan to give it plenty of attention in this coming week.


Tanya said...

Being a San Diego native, I guess it's odd that I've never gotten into the in n out craze. Give me Fat Burger any day over in n out. Their hamburgers are good, but I don't like their fries. Love the photo!

Anonymous said...

In and out with a moon... perfect. Did Art Night but ran out of time. Missed Side Street projects and Art Center. PCC was good.

ben wideman said...

we also ran out of time! And our shuttle experience was interesting. Our driver decided that at 10 he wouldn't be making the loop again and really made most of the people riding on the bus pretty angry when they found out that they couldn't get back to where they came from.

But all in all, art night was fun. I missed the PCC action. Glad to hear it was good.

Tanya, I'm not a huge fan of their fries either. Fat Burger is pretty incredible but I put it in another category for some reason. Maybe its the size of their burgers - I think of it as more of a gourmet burger shop than a fast food restaurant... am I way off on this?

Laurie said...

I actually love In n Out fries. They remind me of the homemade fries my mom used to make in her iron skillet -- basic, no weird stuff, kinda droopy but goooooood.

I actually ate In 'n Out last night!

Thanks for the neon. (I was getting worried there for a while...) :-)

Tanya said...

Yeah I know what you mean actually about Fat Burger and In n Out being in different categories. Have you ever had the cheeseburger at Fat Burger with the egg? I just can't bring myself to try it, I guess I'm a burger purist,lol.

ben wideman said...

We were there last night too Laurie! Pasadena drive-thru location? We may have been there around the same time.

Anonymous said...

I'm tempted 2 go out 2 In n Out rite now! I'd only b out 4 a couple of minutes & be back in n no time. But, I have 2 not fall into de temptation you've put in front of me.

ArtNite: I'm right in the Playhouse District but 4got about it last nite - 1 of Ripley's new believe it or knots!

Besides, art nite is just a part of the overall Pasadena Art Weekend. I think we have these twice a year. So, u have plenty of photo ops 4 d next 2 yrs.

bw, you lucked out with the art shuttles having bike racks!

"In n out, now that's what a shuttle ride is all about."

Anonymous said...

Is that the one on Walnut and Craig? If so, that's right by our apartment. We walk there :)

Great shot.

ben wideman said...

You got it Pat. That's the place!

Petrea said...

Glad you got to go to Art Night and I'm looking forward to your pics.

I'm going to try to post something about In N Out soon, too. They're having an anniversary this month. Nice shot.

ben wideman said...

An anniversary? That sounds interesting. Is there going to be any kind of free day?

Anonymous said...

I had a driver who an hour into his shift insisted to his side kick that he be given a 1/2 break. When a "short break" was agreed upon, he took off (on his loop) like a rocket. Passed stops, ran lights. I was in stiches (and a little nervous). Maybe we had the same driver.

I want to get back to see the Yoko One piece.
I saw the video at the Armory. I think it's called the Wishing Tree. Art night happens a four times a year.

Petrea said...

I know the anniversary is October 22nd. 60 years? Something like that. I believe there will be specials, but I can't remember what. Probably on their website. Maybe we can all post something about them on the 22nd. (Or would that be the 23rd, after we've indulged in the special?)

From de Cafe said...

PA, u say artnight is Four times a year? In Pasadena?

Twice a yr I know, but 4? What months are they?

I hope u r correct & it wasn't a typo made while in... whatever.

Trish said...

ben---I n O...the burgers I grew up with---I will walk miles for them if I have to.

The fries are pure. They cut them, ice them and then drop them. They do not have all the additives, nor do they have preservative. Just potatos and oil, a dash of salt and viola!

Soggy? I've rarely had any that were soggy---unless I took 'em all the way home without eating any (how does THAT happen?!?). Crisp has always been my experience with I n O fries.

If you'd prefer the greasy stuff from other places, have I n O make it animal style, or do as I do, ask for packets of sauce and dip your fries in them just before you eat them. Yuuuuuuuuuuum!

Whatever you want I n O to do to make your meal more palatable, most of the time they will do it. Just ASK! They know a little something about customer service there, usually.

We can start a burger tasting---Lucky Boy, HiLife, FatBurger, Tommy's...what am I missing? (other than low cholesterol?).

Trish said...

I n O says it ain't so about dropping prices next week. I went looking in the Star News for something else and saw the defense by I n O

from the Star News:

In-N-Out Burger says anniversary rumor untrue
By Daniel Tedford, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 10/10/2008 11:06:05 AM PDT

Call it an Internet hoax, animal style.

The rumor that In-N-Out Burger will drop its prices to 1960s levels in celebration of its 60th anniversary is not true.

According to the rumor, which spread wildly over the Internet, the company planned to drop prices to a quarter for hamburgers, 30 cents for cheeseburgers, 15 cents for French fries and 10 cents for drinks on Oct. 22.

But In-N-Out President Mark Taylor says it simply isn't so.

“We've always tried to keep our prices low as possible in order to give our customers the greatest value,” Taylor said in a statement. “One of the ways we accomplish this is by not discounting, and our anniversary is no exception.”

In-N-Out first heard about the hoax Tuesday when company employees started receiving e-mails and text messages from friends, said In-N-Out Vice President of Planning and Development Carl Vanfleet.

The company can trace the hoax as far back as Monday night, but has not determined when or where it started, Vanfleet said.

In-N-Out has worked to discredit the rumor, posting a press release on the company's Web site and launching its own Internet campaign to set the record straight.

After the rumor started filling up inboxes, the company received about double its normal daily call volume Tuesday and Wednesday, Vanfleet said.

The first In-N-Out opened in Baldwin Park in 1948.

ben wideman said...

so much helpful information! Thank you.