Sunday, October 26, 2008

a taste of my casseroll

finally a picture of the new bike. it arrived with fenders on, but because of our climate down here they were taken off right away. taking her out for a ride to the donut man today. should be fun! appropriately this picture of the "salsa casseroll" was taken in the kitchen.

thanks once again to those who supported ben's bicycle quest!


Cafe Observer said...

Xcept 4 de color it looks just like de old bicycle. Is this supposed to be a better bike than the oldie?

Q: How much do You spend on weekly avg for gas? My guess is $3

Anonymous said...

Have you named your bike? Am I missing the joke?

Snapper said...

Congrats on the new wheels!

Mister Earl said...

Are those wider than racing wheels or is it just the way it looks in the photo?

ben wideman said...

Cafe - it is similar in a lot of ways. Both are steel framed bicycles, and have similar geometry. The old one had entry level components and the new one has mid range. Not sure what I spend on gas, it's pretty low. Some weeks zero, but if I head to a baseball game or something I might spend a bit more.

PA - no joke, the bike is made by a company called Salsa and the model name is the Casseroll.

Snapper - thanks!

Mr. E - Slightly larger tires. The frame is built for comfort both in geometry and wheel type. I could put racing slicks on it, but these tires soak up the bumpy LA/Pasadena roads.

Laurie said...

It's a beauty, Ben. Happy riding!