Tuesday, March 10, 2009

memories from a different perspective

yesterday i shared that a reader named roz had contacted me about snapping off a few photos of a house she grew up in while her father was studying at fuller. today you get to see the back side of 460 ford place. it looks like they have taken out the fig tree that roz remembers so well. check out that roof line - is that character or what?

how much has it changed? we'll leave that up to roz.


rozelko said...

yes, it looks just as rickety and unique as i remember (fortunately for currently resident children, no super-sticky-itchy-figtree in the backyard; not so lucky for resident mums like mine who loved figs and figjam...). Because we lived on the top floor, i can tell you that the sunroom there is plenty big enough for 3 kids to sleep overnight in 2 huge refrigerator boxes with doors and windows cut out of them... and for a 'junk dollhouse' made in a bookcase by my sister and i, which was displayed in Fuller somewhere to show our creativity in making every bit of furniture etc (including our fishtank from a tic-tac box and the pool complete with towels). You could also hide betty crocker canned frosting (oh, americans.... they had everything!) in the funny-shaped corner attic storage sections. until your mum found out. then you ran surprisingly quickly down those rickety stairs! thanks so much, ben, from my sister and from me.roz

Tash said...

Ben, that's a wonderful photo. So sharp and well composed. & you fulfilled a wish - how great is that.