Monday, March 16, 2009

post race hang out in the street

after successful completion of the solvang century, ryan, tim, and i sat down on the pavement and waited for the last of our group to finish. these are the faces of three guys who just spent 7 plus hours on a bicycle.

in spite of the cool weather and the fact that the sun was absent for most of the ride, we had a good day.

if you want to donate to the cause we were riding for, you can still do so. my fund-rasing page can be found here, while tim's can be found right here.

i obviously didn't take this picture. that credit goes to my lovely wife meredith.


Cafe Observer said...

An XXXcellent Zen Monday post! I gotta think about this one. Hmmmm:

These are the faces of 3 guys who just ________ !

Petrea said...

I have to say you all look very tired and serious. I'm thinking Meredith did an excellent job of capturing a very real moment.

ben wideman said...


Laurie said...

Great shot by Meredith! I'm so glad you had a good ride. (Now come one, blog buddies, check out Ben's charity and dig into those pockets!)