Tuesday, March 17, 2009

need a permit?

then you need to go here. the city of pasadena permit center is located near this building, this building, and this building. and unlike this building, it is beautiful and fits in perfectly with its neighbors.


Jon said...

Ben, I have a photo suggestion (maybe you already covered it)... I think you should take some pics of the Harvest Rock Church Auditorium and the property around it. It's pretty incredible. I think it's also known as the "Ambassador Auditorium." Check it out: http://theambassadorauditorium.com/

ben wideman said...

You'd have to look pretty hard to find it, but I do have one shot taken in that location.


And you can't even tell that I took it at the Ambassador Auditorium. I need to head back there. Keep your eyes peeled for a future photo request installation :)

pasadenapio said...

That horrible county courthouse is the blight of the Civic Center. They didn't need Pasadena's permission to build such a monstrosity.

I encourage people to walk into the Permit Center, 175 N. Garfield Ave., and take a look around. There's a big open lobby with a lot of displays and other information. Don't be shy!

The building is also HQ for the Planning and Development Department, where most but not all of that department's employees work, from the director Richard Bruckner to all those planners, code enforcement officers, zoning and building officials, etc.

ben wideman said...

PIO, always so helpful! Thanks.

Cafe Observer said...

This must be where you bicyclists get your bike permits - right?

ben wideman said...

Maybe? I don't think you need a permit to ride your bicycle.