Saturday, January 23, 2010

as our parking area slowly becomes a lake

rumor has it that the parking area of our building is now one of the largest bodies of water on the west coast. okay, not really, but it does feel much more aquatic than it ever has in the two and a half years that we've lived out here.

we're supposed to have a short break from the rain today, followed by more rain when next week arrives.


Gunn said...

To me California has always had to do with SUNSHINE, so I can see you must feel this is a huge change!
You have made a very nice and interesting blog!:-)

Cafe Observer said...

Get your buckets out & save the water!

Otherwise, I hope you're still able to enjoy a peaceful national holiday today, BW!

ben wideman said...

and which national holiday is that??

pasadenapio said...

I think Cafe Observer said on his blog that it's National Shut Your Piehole Day or something like that!