Friday, January 08, 2010

the tide rolls through pasadena

while i am neither passionate about college football, nor someone willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get in to the national championship, i was excited about the big game being here in pasadena at the rose bowl. and while i was not at the game, i did have several friends who were there in person - one of whom, my friend angela, sent me this photo from her seats at the game. what a view!

of course those of you who watched the game know that the alabama crimson tide knocked off the texas longhorns. i guess cows can't swim, or maybe crimson out shines burnt orange... i dunno.

more skywatch friday as usual can be found right here.


Cafe Observer said...

Who was Angel rooting for in the big game?

The game was a bit of a letdown when TX's star player got knocked out of the game in the 1Q. So, AL got lucky in that regard. Luck plays a big part in who become champions.

ben wideman said...

Unfortunately Angela is a big Texas fan. Sad day for the Longhorns. You're right, the loss of their starting QB was big.

Petrea said...

I don't know anything about it, either. In fact I wouldn't have known they lost their starting QB if I hadn't read it here. That's unfortunate for both teams, don't you think? A loss for Texas and a hollow win for Alabama.

A great picture, though, and nice of Angela to snap this for you from her excellent seats!