Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the wine detective

a recent addition to the wine landscape in pasadena is the wine detective. this place has a unique way of doing things - you prepay an amount upon entry, and then wander around the shop sampling wine by the ounce. each bottle can not only be sampled at a price per ounce, but can also be ordered by the glass, or a full bottle purchased to be taken home. they feature wines from around the world, and each bottle is served at the correct temperature. there are some gourmet finger food items if you wish to snack while you are brushing up on your viticulture. it is located right across from one of our favorite pasadena restaurants.

hometown pasadena has a great write up on the shop that you can read right here.


Brenda's Arizona said...

The photo - and concept - made me utter 'wow!'. Thanks for sharing this place and the photo.

Cafe Observer said...

Have you tried Green St's famous Dianne chinese chicken salad?

We gotta go there again, bw!

ben wideman said...

Of course, of course. It is a personal fav, although I just heard its even better if you order it with romaine instead of iceberg.