Tuesday, January 05, 2010

what in the world?

this was a fun float. we heard people cheering from down the street and wondered what was going on. then the float arrived but we still didn't know why. then we saw dogs wearing tutus, on surfboards, skiing down a snowy slope. certainly a crowd pleaser! can't see the dog in the photo above? look below for a shot of a dog ready to take off.

just a reminder that i've got a running list of blogger's reviews of the parade back on saturday's post. if i've left someone out, please let me know!


Laurie said...

That is so cute!

Mo said...

I loved this float I saw it on tv! They were playing "Who let the dogs out!"

ben wideman said...

Yep. The previous year the dogs were riding skateboards. I wonder what they'll do next year?