Monday, January 18, 2010

red rye grapefruit i.p.a.

i've been homebrewing with some friends for a little while now. today we are brewing our 9th batch since we started just under a year ago. this photo is of one of our best concoctions we've come up with. we started with an india pale ale recipe made partially with rye malt. we then added grapefruit rind and dry hopped it with perle hops.

it turned out to have an incredible dark ruby body with a frothy head. the aroma is slightly grassy and floral with just a touch of grapefruit peel thrown in. the flavor profile balances the spiciness of the rye with a nice sweet roasty malt flavor and finishes with more of the grapefruit and hop bitterness.

why am i telling you all this? well, i'm pretty proud of this beer, because it just placed first in its category at the recent doug king memorial homebrewing competition organized by the maltose falcons - the country's oldest homebrewing club. full results of the competition (including our victory in category 24) can be found right here.


Christina said...

Congratulations! This sounds delicious. I could smell it as you described it. What fun to win a competition like that. WOOHOO!

ben wideman said...

Thanks, we sure are excited!