Saturday, July 31, 2010

cd saturday: nickel creek's this side

at some point during college, i had my first taste of the incredibly talented band, nickel creek.  their sound was something fresh and new to me.  sure, there were familiar sounds - the bluegrass that my dad listened to - but it was younger, fresher, and had a bit more energy.  it wasn't just about the genre style with them.  all three were brilliant musicians and talented singers.  they borrowed musical flavors from rock, jazz, and country, and most importantly, made it their own.

This Sidethe first nickel creek album i heard was this one.  it spoke to me in a spiritual way.  the melodies floated over me and transported me.  the instruments baffled me with their creativity, and it wasn't long before i was hooked.

i won't bore you with favorite song titles - they are all too good to list only some and leave others off.  it wasn't long after living in los angeles county that i caught wind that two of nickel creeks members, sean and sara watkins, performed regularly at a venue called the little room.  going there for the first time was like rediscovering this album.  i was totally captivated throughout the whole experience.  it was (and still is) a magical thing to participate in, and i can't wait to experience it again.

today's photo is an old photo of 'this side' of our beautiful bridge.  i hope you enjoy.

1. u2 - the joshua tree
2. dave matthews band - crash
3. cake - comfort eagle
4. blue rodeo - five days in july
5. the beach boys - pet sounds
6. coldplay - viva la vida
7. weezer - pinkerton
8. mates of state - re-arrange us
9. radiohead - ok computer


Steve Scauzillo said...

Ben, I gave the album a listen on the sampler. They remind me of a band I used to really love, Caedmon's Call.

ben wideman said...

Interesting comparison! I've never made that connection, but I guess there are similarities.