Sunday, July 25, 2010

cd sunday: radiohead's ok computer

listening to this album is like being transported to another world.  songs don't sound like regular rock songs.  traditional pop music instrumentation is traded in for all kinds of crazy sounding stuff - i'm sure much of it was created in a lab somewhere.
Ok Computer
i don't remember what posessed me to purchase this album.  i bought it from a second hand store in pretoria on a trip through south africa.  weird, right?  you would think i would have been buying something south african - but the price was too good to pass up - only a few dozen rand if i remember correctly.

this is considered by many to be radiohead's masterpiece.  the band comes out of the speakers blazing full speed ahead with an industrial charge.  they aren't held back by any systems or restraints, or catering to any stylistic guidelines.  groundbreaking it is, but to me, it is also accessible.  there are some albums that are so experimental that they are almost indigestible.  however this one pulls me in.

some of it is dark, some is melancholy, but it all works pretty well together.  songs that stand out to me are the intoxicating "karma police", the opening track "airbag", and the beautiful "subterranean homesick alien".

i've gotta say, this album stirs up so many different feelings that i had no idea what picture to put with it.  and thus, we get a random shot of some pasadena palms.

1. u2 - the joshua tree
2. dave matthews band - crash
3. cake - comfort eagle
4. blue rodeo - five days in july
5. the beach boys - pet sounds
6. coldplay - viva la vida
7. weezer - pinkerton
8. mates of state - re-arrange us

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