Friday, March 19, 2010

friday commute

my wife meredith took a few photos recently, and graciously allowed me to post them on my blog. i'll be featuring her work over the next few days.

today's photo is a pictorial example of why we don't drive on the highway on friday afternoons.


Dirk said...

Ben, it's often easy to tell you're not from California. They're called "freeways," not "highways," as they are here in the Midwest. As someone who's in the reverse of your situation (native Californian transplanted to Missouri), I've had lots of cultural confusion myself over the years.

I always enjoy your non-native perspectves on Pasadena (my hometown) and SoCal in general.

ben wideman said...

HA! I didn't realize that was so transparent. I'll have to keep my ears open - maybe part of the problem is that at Fuller I'm surrounded by a bunch of other non-natives!

ben wideman said...

Also, highways/freeways are rarely ever called "Freeway 2-1-0" or "Highway 2-1-0", its always "the two-ten". I think I've figured that part of the dialect out.

JustinM said...

I've lived here my whole life but I didn't pick up on that until Dirk pointed it out - but then again, maybe I'm so used to people who have moved here from other places that I'm used to hearing the variations. (Although if you had called it a "carriageway" like some of my English friends, I would have noticed.)