Sunday, June 27, 2010

cd sunday: dave matthews band's crash

the second installment of my top 20 favorite albums brings me to another old favorite.  this album entered my collection at some point in high school.  my good friend jeff plays the drums and bought dmb drummer carter beauford's under the table and drumming dvd.  i had always dismissed dave matthews band for their jam band image, but after watching that dvd i was mesmorized both with beauford's drumming, and the music that they were creating.

Crash Into Mejeff recommended that i get this album first, and it wasn't long before i bought all the dmb albums i could find.  but crash remained one of my favorites.  for starters, this is one incredibly talented band.  they are doing stuff on this album that just wasn't done at the time it came out.  they were writing clever and creative music that included strings, and a sax, on top of the traditional drums, bass, guitar, and each were so gifted.

my first roommate in college showed me that during their heyday, you were either a lover or a hater.  i the former, he the latter.  he couldn't understand how anyone could like dave matthews band.  maybe it is too technical?  maybe they lack the radio hit formula?  maybe some of the songs go on too long?

whatever the reason, i loved this album from the get go.  songs that still stand out to me are "let you down", "tripping billies", and of course "cry freedom" came in to new light after my trip to south africa.

i'll be back next weekend with more of my top 20 favorite albums of all time.

1. u2 - the joshua tree


Kim said...

YES! Although I didn't buy Crash, I'm sure I know most of the lyrics to sing along to.

I first heard DMB on the car radio driving from Berkeley to rural Brentwood to spend Christmas Eve with extended family there. The DJ just put this on saying it was a new artist named Dave Matthews' "Christmas Song." I had my toddler asleep in the back seat, and it was pitch black on the roads, and I'm listening to the lyrics and soaking in every musical turn of phrase. There was such a sense of spirit present in the music.
I went out looking for that but couldn't find it, but did find Under the Table and Dreaming and was blown away and forever captured. Dave is a local and works out at my gym and I pass him and the fam sometimes on my walks. Everyone leaves him alone and he's just a genuinely nice, regular person. His band mates are fab musicians, and the tragic loss of their wonderful sax player is much to be lamented.

ben wideman said...

Well said, Kim. I didn't realize he lives in Seattle. His band was formed in Charlottesville, VA, not far from where I went to college. We visited the bar he used to work at, and where he and the band started playing live. Fun stuff!

Steve Scauzillo said...

I just discovered your blog. I like daily photo blogs. I'm doing one (just started a month ago) on daily photos of Temple City, where I live (a few miles south of Pasadena). I also agree with you about Dave Matthews Band. I started liking them with "The Space Between."