Wednesday, June 09, 2010

jonathan broxton vs. albert pujols

one of the best power hitters in the game faces the dodgers best power pitcher. fortunately for dodger fans, last night the pitcher won the battle, striking out pujols on a check swing (on broxton bobble head night i might add).

the dodgers beat the cardinals 1-0, and moved ahead of the padres for first place in the national league's western division.

oh, and i think there was a basketball game last night. at least i think that's what these people were watching in the dodger stadium concourse...


JustinM said...

I was offered a friend's firm's seats for the game last night - pretty much right behind home plate. (I sat in them once before and I was on TV for every pitch.) But I had to decline so I could watch the Lakers.

ben wideman said...

DUDE! If you EVER have to decline for Lakers-related illness - PLEASE PASS THEM ON TO ME!!!