Wednesday, September 24, 2008

where pasadena's finest hang out

nope, not fuller seminary, this is our police department. pretty sweet, eh?

not only does it look sharp, it also has a pretty fantastic view of town, situated right across the street from our beautiful library and diagonal from the impressive city hall.

fortunately i have no experience in this building. any pasadena readers care to help us out on what it's like on the inside?


From de Cafe said...

bw, like u I don't have any experience inside the bldg. Fortunately, my experience has been limited to touring the Pasadena parking tix office a couple of times.

However, I'm sure some of our co-bloggers have plenty of experience @ this or other cop stations. Your guess is as good as mine. They're most likely female.

I do know some doggie friends who have made it a career riding in the back seat of patrol cars.

Over & out!

ben wideman said...

not naming any names of course...

Anonymous said...

I had some experience in the original Pasadena station as a lad when I was an explorer scout. THAT was a nice building.

Part of the block it was on was razed, and the old station has been converted to living space and is part of the Holly Street Apartments. I need to go over there and check it out, one last time.

Here's an old photo: