Wednesday, October 13, 2010

so you want to open an l.a. brewery

last night i had the pleasure of attending a fantastic event as part of los angeles beer week hosted by my friends at eagle rock brewery.  the event was mc'd by beer writer tomm carroll, and included a panel discussion with several of the area's newest craft brewers - the aforementioned (and award winning!) eagle rock brewery, nibble bit tabby brewery (who really need a better website), strand brewing, brouwerij west, ladyface ale companie, as well soon-to-open beachwood brewing and ohana brewing (all fantastic brewers, by the way).

as you can see from the photo above, the event was a success - at least in terms of available seating.  those in attendance at the packed house got to hear a few hours of insight into what it takes to start a brewery in los angeles county, and the hurdles and benefits that come along with that endeavor.

after the session drew to a close, the brewers all posed for a group shot.  it will be interesting to look back on this image in a few years and see where these breweries are at that point.


Cafe Observer said...

There aren't enuf girls for those guys! It's enuf to drive them to drink.

ben wideman said...

There were a few ladies in the crowd - but you are right, predominantly male audience.