Monday, October 25, 2010

sweet corn at the farmers market

i've mentioned before that i spent many a summer picking sweet corn during my younger years.  every time i see fresh sweet corn - whether it be at the grocery store, the farmers market, or kitchen table - i always check it out to see if it is up to my standards.  the corn was looking pretty good at saturday's farmers market, and i almost got some (but buckled at the $7/doz price).

a little song from my sweet corn days...
corn, sweet corn, no body picks it better,
no matter what the time, no matter what the weather.
the only reason that i've been born,
is to pick another load of that corn, sweet corn.


Gina said...

I spent a few years of my youth in Nebraska and my little brother used to go out and get paid to "volunteer" and "rogue" corn when he was a young teenager.

Nobody here (in Pasadena) generally has an idea of what that is, but I am betting you do...

I am thinking of trying to plant a small plot of sweet corn in our yard next year.

ben wideman said...

De-tasseling corn, right? It isn't something I ever did, but I've heard it is brutal work. I was always just involved in the picking.

Be aware of if you have neighborhood critters. Raccoons particularly will take down sweet corn in a hurry if they find it.

Laurie said...

Never picked it, but have eaten more than my share of it! Cool pic, Ben!