Saturday, October 23, 2010

the sky is big in texas

a hearty congratulations to the texas rangers - american league champions after knocking out the defending world series champion yankees last night.  it has been a long time coming for the rangers - the franchise has existed since '61 (formed as the washington senators), and it took until this year for them to win their first playoff series.

now they are going to the world series.

i took this photo of the ballpark in arlington on our trip across the country as we moved from the east coast to our home here in pasadena.  the rangers ballpark has some unique features, and the sky looked looming on that particular night (we ended up having a bit of a rain delay in the game).


Steve Scauzillo said...

As I stare at my Yankee photos in my office (my pic of Mickey Mantle, etc.) I have to say it is hard for me to take. But I do congratulate the Rangers. They are the best team this year in the AL.

ben wideman said...

This was a strange year in the AL. I think you could make the argument that the Rangers were middle of the pack at best before their acquisition of Cliff Lee. He made them a threat I think.

K said...