Tuesday, October 12, 2010

whale watching in long beach

my sister and her husband were in town this past weekend to visit us and to help us celebrate canadian thanksgiving.  on saturday we decided to head down from pasadena to the long beach aquarium of the pacific - a place i had never been but had wanted to check out.

the holiday weekend and the fact that they were celebrating southeast asia day meant that the place was packed, but we still had a fun time wandering around the exhibits and checking out the marine life.


Bellis said...

When your daughter is old enough, you'll get a season ticket. It's a fantastic place for children. (And better when less crowded.) What was your favorite thing there?

ben wideman said...

The baby liked staring at the fish, but she wasn't as interested in the bigger things like the sea lions or otters (which surprised me a bit).

My favorite part was probably the giant Alaskan crabs.