Wednesday, June 01, 2011

june theme day: under construction

when the first of the month rolls around, hundreds of daily photoblogs from around the world focus their attention on a single theme.  this month the theme is "under construction".  this seems especially fitting for pasadenians as the square in front of our beloved city hall is under construction (hence, today's image).

are you interested in seeing hundreds of other takes on today's theme from around the world?

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Laurie said...

Do you know what they're working on at City Hall? Even construction vehicles and roadblocks can't detract from the beauty of that amazing building! I never get tired of seeing it. (Raine calls it the Castle!)

ben wideman said...

You can click on the link I posted in the entry to read Brigham Yen's overview of all the changes they are making.

I like it, the Castle!

JustinM said...

Thanks for not using a pic of Fair Oaks. I already have to see it too much.