Saturday, June 11, 2011

nearing the end

when i began this blog almost four years ago, i was hoping that it would be an artistic outlet while i worked on my masters degree from fuller seminary.  i told myself then that i would try and post a photo every day that i was enrolled.

today is my commencement ceremony celebrating the end of my degree, and frankly, i am ready for a break from daily photoblogging.  fortunately for fans of "the sky is big", i still have two summer classes left to complete my degree, so my break from school (and blogging) will have to wait.


Joseph said...


Congratulations on your achievement! I graduated from Fuller in 2003 and moved to the UK immediately afterwards. I came across your blog several years ago and have followed it since. My time in Pasadena as a student and newlywed was one of the best of my life, and your photos have provided many wonderful reminders. Good look to you and your family! -Joe

JustinM said...

Congratulations! I know you're not quite there, but the finish line is only a few steps away. How long does the summer program go? said...

Congrats and will be sorry to see your great Pasadena area shots end at some point.

My wife almost has her masters in accounting, heading next to cpa stuff. I know how difficult this road can be, but your achievements are tremendous and you should really be proud of all your hard work.

I really think you deserve a good beer! Every day this week :)

ben wideman said...

Thanks everyone! I have two summer classes which start near the end of July which end at the end of august.

I am actually lining up to walk as I type this!!!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Congrats, on your Master's, BW! An even greater achievement has been your daily blogging!!
I envy the league of daily blogger's. I have enuf problems being a monthly blogger.

You are so close to a doctorate that I pray you will now enroll at Fuller for that!

Heike said...

jeahhhh for still writing and posting
congrats on your achievements!
sincerely a fan of your blog! :)