Monday, June 20, 2011

saladang song

pasadena has many great thai restaurants, but saladang has always been one of our favorites (i've even posted about it).  for some reason we never crossed the pavement to the sibling restaurant, saladang song.

last week, with my parents in town for graduation, we decided to go there.  and i'm glad we did.  it was just as good as the original, and i like the feel of this restaurant a little bit more.  the portions seemed a bit smaller, but the food was still incredibly tasty.  i bet we'll be back at some point.


JustinM said...

While the smells that come from Saladang are simply amazing, I have never been a huge fan. Take this with a grain of salt, though: I am in the minority about all Thai places in this town. The ones my friends love, I don't like (like this and City Thai). The ones I prefer (like Cha Da and Chandra) are disliked by most of my friends.

BTW Ben, I thought of you today as I drove past the space where Perdue's used to be and saw the official "For Lease" lettering.

locho said...

I like Saladang too. We tried President Thai recently for their lunch specials and were pleasantly surprised!

ben wideman said...

I need to try President Thai.

Justin, such a sad scene. I feel like that place could have really been great if not for the inconsistent pace and the location.

Steve Scauzillo said...

Love both of them, Ben. And also, love Presidential Thai on Rosemead Blvd (Across from Chapman Woods). We go there every New Year's Eve for some reason. Their food never disappoints.

JustinM said...

I think the service was the only thing, Ben. In my opinion, people will search out great BBQ no matter how inconvenient the location is. And if people know that a great barbecue restaurant is going to take two hours, they will carve out the time for it.

What people won't do is visit a place when they don't know if it's going to take ten minutes (which some of my meals at Perdue's did) or it's going to take two hours (ditto).

Cafe Pasadena said...

President Thai is the Prez of Thai joints in Pasadena! It's always busy when you expect a restaurant to be busy. The Saladang's are in 2nd place. imho.