Saturday, June 04, 2011

kings row gastropub

recently groupon had a deal at one of old town pasadena's latest foodie destinations.  "perfect!", i thought to myself, "i've been wanting to try kings row gastropub".

although i must admit, the recent restaurant trend to develop a decent beer selection, make well-crafted pub food, and charge a hugely inflated price, has made me a bit frustrated.  looking at their online menu confirmed that they had a good beer selection, and (sadly) the prices were on the high side for a pub, but the groupon deal persuaded me that i would take the plunge anyway.

fortunately, the food here was really excellent, and the atmosphere was really cool.  there is a nice little patio that backs on to one of old town's many alleyways, and the service was friendly and pretty smooth.  i'm not sure we will return and pay full price, but perhaps a return during their happy hour time slot will happen in the future.


JustinM said...

I've been sitting on a review of the place for a while. They seem nice and most of the food was decent, but the prices and the "happy hour" beers that they serve in 12 oz glasses are a complete joke. I had a Racer 5 that the guy poured so sloppily, there wasn't more than 8 oz to it. For $5, as if that is some kind of "deal."

Leif Hagen said...

Yumm! Looks like a yummy sandwich and fries!