Saturday, June 20, 2009

pasadena scottish rite

i must plead ignorance here. i have almost no knowledge of freemasonry, and most of it comes from wikipedia. but this certainly is a striking building, what with the stone, the huge doorway, the egyptian figures out front, and the stained glass windows. the pasadena organization has their own website, right here.

by the way - if you haven't already visited my friend eric's blog to read his comics, you really need to do so. like right now. go. now. do so with this link. i think they are brilliant.


Cafe Pasadena said...

Yeah, I ck'd out His Translation's comics! He's doing good, especially the one's where he shows you with your bike in them - hilarious!

I used to think it was only his wife who had the talent.

ben wideman said...

I'm not the only cyclist. That is Eric himself, not me on the bike.