Thursday, June 25, 2009

ipa festival at lucky baldwins

the last thing i want to talk about from last weekend (which is now 4 days in the past) was to head to lucky baldwin's for their india pale ale festival. for $8 you get your first selection and a festival glass, which can then be re-filled for $3 or $4 depending on which beer. far from the most incredible deal out there, but i'm a sucker for ipa's, and their list includes several i've never had including port brewing's 3rd anniversary ipa (pictured above).

i heard that the festival was extended until this weekend, so stop by either of their locations.

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likenarnia said... scooped me. but the beer is wonderful and it is a great deal. not quite an IPA but a great selection is firestone's honey blonde which until this festival i have never heard of outside of the brewery.