Sunday, June 28, 2009

serious subject matter

on thursday night i had the privilege of attending a lecture from three eminent christian thinkers on the subject of torture. dr. glen stassen, professor of ethics and dr. al dueck, professor of the integration of psychology and theology here at fuller seminary were joined by dr. david gushee, professor of christian ethics at mercer university who is in town to teach a class entitled 'perspectives on social ethics'.

coincidentally i've had the pleasure being enrolled in this class and it was enjoyable to hear him interact with two fuller professors (one of whom he has already authored a book with).

the night had some difficult subject matter, and alarming statistics about how much of our society has embraced the use of torture in interrogation. all emphasised a hope that can be found in dialog and interaction with those whom we feel are different than us. they encouraged the attendees to become leaders in social justice instead of passive members of society - especially in instances where human rights are being violated.

this is a long winded post, but if you are interested in learning more about what we talked about or getting involved in a faith-based innitiative for ending torture, check out evangelicals for human rights.

free speech is something we often take for granted in this country. today around the world, bloggers are taking a stand in support of free speech - something that the people of iran and their sports heroes are currently fighting for.

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Petrea said...

I'm glad you got to go to this important class, Ben. It must have been enlightening, to say the least. Is there a circumstance where torture is justifiable?

You are going to be one terrific minister. I like the way you allow your mind to be opened.

Thanks for posting about the Iranian citizens today. The world is watching. JM from Oeiras says there may be good news later, so I'll be checking his blog.

ben wideman said...

There are all kinds of opinions about whether torture is ever justifiable, but in my mind there is never an excuse to do something so inhumane to a fellow human being.

I'll keep my eyes open for good news.

Petrea said...

Word is that Amir has been freed and is with his family, Ben. I'm so grateful to hear it.

Mateo said...

I'm glad for your support. I'd like to make you aware of this video. Jump to 00:27:10 if you don't like to watch the whole video. I think this is what most western countries deny but it is all connected.