Wednesday, June 10, 2009

this is where the magic happens.

pasadena is fortunate to have a fantastic public information officer. she writes a very interesting blog and even hosts a weekly contest - of which i recently won! ann was extremely welcoming, and like my fellow blogger petrea, she offered to give me a tour of some of the lesser seen angles of city hall.

i liked this building before, but i like it even more now! visit ann's blog for your own chance to win a prize - and a chance to see a part of town that you don't normally get to see!

today's picture of the room in which city council meets includes my tour guide of course, as well as flags from the usa, california, pasadena, and our sister cities.


Cafe Observer said...

Is it dark in that room?
What did de PIO do with everyone who was sittin there!

ben wideman said...

I guess it would be dark if the lights were turned off - why do you ask? It was empty when we got there. Cafe, you ask the strangest questions.

Cafe Observer said...

Yeah, it's really strange if it's as dark as it appears since the lights look to be on in your pic.

Petrea said...

Very cool that you got to check out that room, Ben. I agree, Ann is the best.