Monday, September 08, 2008

angel stadium 'of anaheim'

even though i just got back to town, i'm heading out right away for a ballpark tour with my good friend aaron. we're hoping to get to san diego, san francisco, oakland, and of course the los angeles ballparks. it's going to be great, and will add to my ballpark quest.

this photo is not from our trip, but rather the first time i visited angel stadium, shortly after arriving in california last summer. the whole debate over their name - currently the los angeles angels of anaheim after years as the california angels and anaheim angels - is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. adding the 'of anaheim' to the name of the stadium as this photo shows is pretty crazy too. but i have to admit i do like the sign being propped up with giant baseball bats.

i'll try and get one or two photos of ballparks along the way, as well as some pictures from the wedding this past week.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Looking forward to your ballpark quest.

My pictures are at Brookville Daily Photo

Laurie said...

I like the bats too!

ben wideman said...

Mr. Lincoln, your site is great. I'll try and get in a few ballpark pics this week.

Laurie, not only are there giant bats but also baseballs that they are perched on, and giant hats outside the stadium that aren't in this picture.

Anonymous said...

Anaheim's Angel stadium of Los Angeles.

No comment on Laurie liking bats.

Michael Coppess said...

I'm reminded that my first major league game was the Los Angeles Angels at Chavez Ravine -- when the organ between innings was about all you got in nonbaseball entertainment. I like Anaheim Stadium. In recent years, it has become a fun place to see a game. It's a Class A park, but the Epicenter in Rancho Cucamonga is also a great experience.

ben wideman said...

Michael, one of my goals this summer was to bike to at least one of the California League ballparks. I didn't make it to a single game, either driving or on my bike. Maybe next summer! So much baseball, so little time and money.