Thursday, September 18, 2008

photo request #10 - vroman's bookstore

tash over at the fantastic palos verdes daily photo wondered if i had any images up of vromans, a fantastic independant bookstore in pasadena. i didn't have any up until today. one of my favorite things about this bookstore is their "big city" newspaper and magazine stand out front. really cool!

as you can see i've been out snapping pictures late at night recently. i gotta get out in the sun for a few!


Laurie said...

Ben, we're going to bump into each other one of these nights! I shoot a lot of after-dark pics myself.

Vromans is my favorite local bookstore. DId you know they have an adjunct store in East Pasadena in a strip mall next to Whole Foods? It's way out on either Colorado or Foothill.

I like this in mono. (You know how I love black and white!)

Anonymous said...

I had a sneaky suspicion Laurie & you are crouched low in dark corners late at night/early morning, camouflaged in dark clothing, stealing shots of our fav places when no respectable life is around.
Please b careful: i don't wanna c u or L's guilty looking mugshot in the PSN paper.

Vroman's is Publishers Weekly Bookseller of Year. As wunderful as it is now (free wi-fi, friendly help), I still miss some of the old, pre-refurbished Vroman's.

Petrea said...

I never new a pre-furbished Vroman's. This one's fab as far as I'm concerned. Just a great store and your picture's a good one, Ben. Makes it seem mysterious. But it's not, they're the best. There's a great used book store about a block west that's pretty good, too.

Anonymous said...

P, then it's best you didn't know the pre-current Vroman's. What you didn't know won't sadden you. Otherwise, you'd be writing nostalgic too. Maybe a sign of my old age!
But, don't misunderstand me - the remodeled version is THE best!

The location remains the same: on Colorado Bl.